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Fifi Marika, the visionary behind LuxeSocial, brings a unique blend of creativity and ambition. Originating from Australia, she began her journey by building a thriving makeup empire. Transitioning to Hollywood, she quickly made a name for herself as the go-to makeup artist for TV, commercials, and music videos.


Fifi, always an artist at heart, embraced her passion professionally upon moving to Las Vegas. Transitioning into commissioned abstract artistry, she refined her minimalist style, characterized by stone-type textures. With her innovative techniques using scrapers and palette knives, she creates distinctive pieces showcased in prestigious galleries and adorning upscale residences from the Strip to Lake Las Vegas.

Fueled by a passion for female empowerment, Fifi Marika founded LuxeSocial as a female-led agency, dedicated to amplifying the voices of women in the digital sphere. Drawing from her own experiences as a woman in business, Fifi envisioned LuxeSocial as a safe haven for female entrepreneurs to thrive. Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Fifi channels her creativity into LuxeSocial's operations while also finding solace in music, expressing her passion through playing the bass guitar.

Fifi Marika

​I'm Fifi

Fifi Marika - Founder
Fifi Marika - Founder
Fifi Marika
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